Hello! My name is Whitney I am a photographer, yogi and counsellor living in Toronto with a background in developmental counselling and feminist studies. I’m a wanderlust spirit and certain my heart belongs to the ocean. I’ve spent many months traveling our world which has deepened my passion and love for photography.

I have a passion for capturing real life, crazy love stories! My hope and intention is for you to look back on your photos and remember exactly how you felt in that moment, and it’s my desire to help you preserve the beautiful moments in life.

When I pick up my camera I aspire to capture images that create a feeling of warmth and an overwhelming sense of love. Images that celebrate your day and draw the viewer to a place where their heart can’t help but feel a connection. I desire to create a perfect collection of memories and preserve your most precious moments in life so that many years from now you can look back and have a reminder of the most beautiful times in your life.

I gain my energy through the people I meet as my heart is most full when I am surrounded by others. Having the opportunity to tell people’s stories through still images gives me great joy. If given the opportunity I would be honored to help capture and share your story.

Other things you should know about me…

I get lost watching the surf, there’s something amazing about watching people become one with the ocean, riding the Earth’s energy in its most raw and natural form. It mesmerizing me, I absolutely love it!

When I am not capturing and telling stories with my lens. I’m either teaching or practicing yoga. From practicing yoga, I’ve discovered that yoga is what keeps my body strong, my mind clear and my heart open. Yoga has taught me to be present, to allow each moment to be as it is, and to accept myself as I am. It reminds me to embrace all of the emotions of life, to allow them to move through me, and to be grateful for the amazing fact that I’m alive.